3D Printing

Print does not have to be limited to the sense of sight but can also be a tactile experience.  Now you can have graphics that not only look good but feel good, too.  Multiple layers of ink can be used to create texture and dimension.  Now you can replicate the brush strokes in an oil painting, create embossed letters or logos, simulate real world items like snakeskin or wood grain or even print braille to produce ADA compliant signage.

Dimensional and textured printing opens exciting new high margin opportunities that few can produce.  It also has unlimited design restrictions allowing designers to get as creative as they can be.  If you are currently using Photopolymer material for ADA purposes or if you have been doing raster and applied copy,  you might want to consider opting for a more ADA compliant product such as 3-D printed on any substrate allowing the designers more design options like those mentioned above and that includes perfect braille every time.

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